Single-Chip 802.11 b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with SDIO/SPI_SLAVE Interface

The SSV SSV6030P is the low-power single chip device providing the highest level of integration for internet- of- thing embedded systems.

The SSV6030P includes a 2.4 GHz WLAN CMOS efficient power amplifier (PA) and an internal low noise amplifier (LNA). The Radio Frequency Front-end is single-ended bi-directional input and output. It also includes additional LDOs and DCDC buck convertor that could provide noise isolation for digital and analog supplies.With highly on-chip integration, it minimizes external components, brining designers the competitive solution cost.

The SSV6030P provides multiple peripheral interfaces including SPI_ SLAVE, UART_DATA, UART_DEBUG, I2C_MASTER, SPI_DEBUG, etc.

  1. All CMOS IEEE 802.11 b/g/n single chip
  2. Single stream 802.11n provides highest throughput and superior RF performance for embedded system
  3. Advanced 1x1 802.11n features:
    1. Full / Half Guard Interval
    2. Frame Aggregation
    3. Reduced Inter-frame Space (RIFS)
    4. Space Time Block Coding (STBC)
    5. Greenfield mode
  4. Integrated WLAN CMOS efficient power amplifier with internal power detector and closed loop power calibration
  5. Supports switchable host interface: SDIO 2.0 and SPI_SLAVE mode
  6. Integrated T/R switch and balun