2.4 GHZ GFSK Transceiver

The SSV SSV7241 is a proprietary radio operating at 2.4GHz ISM band up to 2Mbps on-air data rate. It features excellent receiver performance and the lowest solution cost compared to similar products in the market.

The small PCB footprint makes SSV7241 suitable for small-dimension applications, such as wireless mouse, gamepads and toys.

Advanced features such as continuous transmission, advanced RSSI readout, and adjustable activate time makes SSV7241 the best choice for demanding applications such as wireless audio/headset and many-to-one peripheral connections.

  1. Up to +6dBm output power in TX mode, 25 mA; def. 0 dBm
  2. -92 dBm @ 250Kbps
  3. -90 dBm @ 1 Mbps
  4. -88 dBm @ 2 Mbps
  5. Continuous TX mode, no need to re-lock between packets
  6. Programmable monitoring function: dedicate RX mode or FIFO monitor mode
  7. Advanced RSSI: recording mode
  8. Pin-to-pin and program compatible to a prominent radio in market
  9. Automatic packet assembly and ACK
  10. Up to 6 data pipes for 1 RX to-many TX
  11. 3 of 32-byte TX FIFO and 3 of 32-byte RX FIFO
  12. Current consumption: 1.9~3.6V supply range